The Chandler C of E Junior School


At the Chandler we recognise that, as children of the same God, we should learn how to live alongside one another in a mutually supportive way. We have devised a series of Values which we teach both explicitly and implicitly, and which inform the ethos of our school. We believe that these are the basis for successful community living.

These twenty-two Values are taught over a two year cycle with a month for each – there is no Value for August as there is no one here. For every Value there is a corresponding Thought to challenge the children and an Action so that they can put the Value into practise.

Each adopted Value also sits within the Church Of England’s four themes of Wisdom, Hope, Dignity and Community


Month Value
September Teamwork (inc Sportsmanship)
October Democracy
November Tolerance
December Thankfulness
January Trust
February Resilience
March Forgiveness
April Positivity
May Compassion
June Justice
July Courage


Month Value
September Belonging
October Responsibility
November Peace
December Patience (inc Self-Control)
January Honesty
February Love
March Empathy
April Faith
May Fairness
June Respect
July Liberty